Individual Investors

Individual Investors

Toroso is your partner for managing wealth, achieving goals, and building an investment portfolio that fits your personal needs.  We offer a wide range of investment solutions, using a variety of asset allocation models that strive for solid returns, within appropriate risk boundaries so that no one economic environment can deplete your investment portfolio.  Our experienced use of Exchange-traded Funds allow for lower fees, greater transparency and enhanced liquidity.

Our Independence means your financial success is our only goal.


We follow a customized process to capture the essence of your unique goals and aspirations while customizing your plans.

Life-Adjusted Time Horizons

Your life doesn’t wait for market conditions. Retirement or your children’s time to go to college cannot wait for the markets to accommodate. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) has a high correlation between markets and asset classes, which does not accommodate to simple life events that may impact your investments. MTP’s very essence is a historical, rear view look to determine asset allocations over very long holding periods.

Our Life-Adjusted Time Horizons are designed to accommodate real life events that might pull you in or out of the markets at the times that are right for you.

“Getting Under the Hood”

Our in-house-developed diagnostic tools provides us with the ability to avoid concentrated and uncompensated risk, discover discounts and premiums, find security overlaps, and measure the fundamentals of your entire portfolio. Using Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) allows us to generate precise allocations within asset classes, styles, durations, quality, yields, sectors, and regions, at significantly lower costs as compared to traditional mutual fund investments.

Real Conversations about Goals and Needs

We pride ourselves on changing the conversation away from arbitrary risk assessments to focusing on you, our client. We help you to set targets or goals and track your progress; so that when we conduct periodic reviews, we are not only discussing performance but making adjustments that are appropriate for your life.