Corporate & Nonprofit Fiduciary

Corporate & Nonprofit Fiduciary

Toroso offers investment management solutions to institutional investors, which include pension funds, endowments, charitable trusts and corporations.  We offer flexible, client-specific separately managed accounts to allow for customization and personalization.

Toroso’s portfolios are structured primarily with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to allow for increased transparency, cost efficiency and liquidity.  Our strategy strives for increased portfolio returns with a balanced risk profile.

As an independent firm, we are not influenced by outside forces. In short, financial success is our mutual goal.


Our relationship begins with a careful analysis of your organization’s needs for asset growth, income, tax minimization and more. The next step is to develop a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

We then work with your Investment Committee to ensure each member has a voice and help bring the group to a common objective for the portfolio. Our periodic reports help you measure success and bring the group together for a regular exchange of information and ideas. Working together, we help to bring stability and strength to your organization.



Fiduciary Responsibility

As a registered investment advisor, we take on fiduciary responsibility to act in the organization’s best interest.

Personalized, Superior Client Service

Senior, experienced, finance veterans work together to bring added value to your organization.

Process-Driven Approach

We don’t sell products, we select the most appropriate investment instruments based on your short-and long-term needs.

In-Depth Research

Our strategies and security selection process is focused on “getting under the hood” of the ETF or fund, going beyond the name, expense ratio and popularity of a particular manager or portfolio.

Goal-Oriented Reporting

Our custom-designed reports go beyond the basics to provide a full view of your account and its performance.

Open Architecture

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and using managers that best suit your objectives. That means Toroso is unbiased to search in the marketplace for the best product that fits your organizational objectives.