About Us


Toroso is a registered investment advisory firm that provides independent financial advisory services to individual investors, retirement plan sponsors and corporations. Toroso’s team is a group of finance veterans that is focused on having a simple diversified asset allocation approach that strives for consistent performance while accommodating the client’s investment philosophy, risk tolerance and life cycle.



Fiduciary Responsibility

As a registered investment advisor, we take on fiduciary responsibility to act in the organization’s best interest.

Personalized, Superior Client Service

Senior, dedicated, finance veterans use their diverse backgrounds to work together to bring added value to you.

Process-Driven Approach

We don’t sell products, we select the most appropriate investment instruments based on your short-and long-term needs.

In-depth research

Toroso’s strategies and security selection process is focused on “getting under the hood” of the financial products, going beyond the name, expense ratio and its popularity.

Goal-Oriented Reporting

Our custom-designed reports go beyond the basics to provide a full view of your account, its performance and its opportunities.

Open Architecture

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and using managers that best suit your objectives. That means Toroso is unbiased to search in the marketplace for the best product that fits your organizational objectives.